Top 10 Online Shopping Sites

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Top 10 Online Shopping Sites

Best Online Shopping Sites in India

Online shopping sites in India: Online shopping sites in India have seen tremendous increment in purchase percent all over the nation.

Internet has changed to such an extend that apart from providing information about the products, it also has given links to online shopping sites in India which are basically called e-commerce sites since they also provide an additional option of making online transactions i.e., the customer can review the product and make purchase using their credit card. Traditional shoppers who always like to buy products only after they have physically touched the item and made proper analysis of the product will not show an inclination to the online shopping sites in India.

However, the thinking of many shoppers has been changing after seeing the various benefits of these online shopping sites in India which include the ease of accessing information like the specifications, ability to compare prices from various sites and also there is every possibility that the product can be obtained for cheaper price than the other physical stores.

The main advantages of online shopping sites in India is the chance to browse through the catalogue of products which are distinguished based on the categories which they fall under, without any need to leave the comfort of their abode and also they get a chance to compare the various prices in the market they have and accordingly can purchase the product after appropriate research about the features of the product and whether they suit the purpose of the purchaser.

The procedure of shopping is mostly similar in any of the online shopping sites in India where the person gets to go through the products, and then they can add it to the shopping cart and carry on either with the purchase or go in search of other necessities.

Online Shopping Trends In India

Over the past few years, online shopping in India has experienced remarkable popularity. This has led many people to wonder about the items that Indians prefer to buy online. Following are some interesting trends, regarding what Indians search for on the internet and their online shopping preferences:

  1. Experian Hitwise, an online service that analyzes website trends, recently conducted a study on online shopping in India. The study reveals that online retailers in India receive 50% traffic from search engines.
  2. Cell phones acquire the topmost position in the list of products that Indians search on the Internet. 2 in every 5 people search for Nokia phones.
  3. Over the past few months, people have started searching for ‘wireless Internet’ and ‘mobile movies’.
  4. Software downloads are also quite popular.
  5. Other popular products that people search online include camera, TV, and laptops.
    As compared to global classified sites, local sites are more popular.

Online shopping in India is expected to grow further.

Flipkart – One Of The Best Online Shopping Sites in India

Flipkart is all over the place. Arguably, it can be called a revolution in the Indian e-commerce space. It is not that ecommerce portals did not exist in India prior to Flipkart. It is just that Flipkart has taken online shopping in India to a whole new level. I have shopped on Flipkart quite a few times and here is what I liked and didn’t like about it.

What we liked:

  • Cash On Delivery – This was perhaps the biggest hurdle in online shopping in India until Flipkart came along. The cash on delivery option does away with the consumers’ apprehensions of prepayment online. In other words, it builds trust, which is vital when selling anything.
  • Speed & Commitment – Flipkart has by far the fastest delivery system across all other Indian shopping sites out there. The general waiting period for most goods is 2-3 business days, which is excellent. More importantly, the company stays true to its commitment. If the delivery has been promised by a certain time and date, you can be rest assured that it will be delivered by or before the specified time. So far, at least I haven’t faced any issues with the delivery.
  • Warranty & Replacement Guarantee – This was another hurdle in online shopping which Flipkart has done away with. It offers original warranty on all the products it sells. It even has a replacement guarantee of 30 days in case the goods delivered turn out to be faulty. Not many e-commerce portals give the user such options, which is what makes Flipkart one of the most popular Indian shopping sites.
  • Growing Catalogue – Although Flipkart started off as a platform for selling books online. Today, it has diversified into cameras, mobile phones, laptops, consumer durables and other stuff. And it has the widest range in all these categories, especially books. You can find almost any book here, even those which are hard to get in the oldest book stores in the country. A wide range of products on offer is definitely a noteworthy feature of Flipkart.
  • A clean interface – This is an area where even Ebay fails to impress. Flipkart has a very clean interface, which immediately instills confidence in the user. Look at other e-commerce portals out there and somehow, they look a little scammy here and there even though they are not.

What we didn’t liked:

It’s hard to find anything wrong with Flipkart. However, it does have certain shortcomings, the most major of them being price. Although you can find almost all products here at a price cheaper than the market price, still, the price can be a little on the lower side. There are other online shopping sites in India which offer similar products at cheaper rates. Also, some product categories are missing.