General Insurance

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General Insurance

General Insurance or the non life insurance which include homeowners policies and automobile offers much-required protection against the unforeseen events like fire, illness, accidents, etc. It provides the payments which depend on loss from the particular financial incident. General Insurance normally comprises the insurance which is not stated under life insurance. Unlike the Life Insurance the general insurance is not destined to provide the return but is the protection against the contingencies. Just about everything which has the financial value and has the probability of getting damaged, lost or stolen can be cover up through the General Insurance.

Property both immovable and movable, cash, health, liability towards others dishonesty, household goods and also vehicle can be cover up under the general insurance. Under an Act of the Parliament, several types of the insurance such as Public liability Insurance and Motor Insurance are made compulsory. Some insurance plans which are covered through the General Insurance are:

  • Home Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

Home Insurance– Every person wants to have his/her own home one day. But for the ordinary man it will take his/her whole life savings to make the home. You can’t predict the natural calamity such as earthquake, floods which can destroy your home, so home insurance is really very important. Click here to read more about home insurance.

Health Insurance– It is true that the healthy mind lives in the healthy body. So, to live healthy is very essential. Today life is stressful and very fast and it doesn’t matter that how much you can care the one who always fall ill. For this you can utilize the facility of health insurance. Click here to read more about health insurance.

Motor Insurance– Officially, you can not drive a motor vehicle on road without having valid insurance. So, it is compulsory to have the insured vehicle. Click here to read more about motor insurance.

Travel Insurance– Travel is most fast rising sector in all over the world. As the living standards are rising so more people are boarding on the journey and exploring the new places. With travel insurance all the worries related to travel are safe. Click here to read more about travel insurance.