Best Top Loading Washing Machine in India

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Best Top Loading Washing Machine in India

Technology is moving forward all the time and it is affecting every item in our life. Top loading machines available today are very different from the ones that our parents used. If after reading various reviews regarding the best top loading washing machines available you decide to purchase a top loader there are certain things that must be taken into consideration before you do. Below we take a look at just what some of these are.

Below are a few things that one must consider when buying a top loading washing machine in India:

  • Load Size
  • Spin Speed
  • Noise Level
  • Washing Time
  • Energy Consumption

Now, we will look into more details about these considerations.

Consideration 1 – Load Size

When purchasing such an appliance for your home then you need to purchase a washing machine that will be able to handle the amount of laundry you are going to be doing on a weekly basis. However you don’t want to purchase a machine that won’t actually fit into the space you have available. Today the amount of washing these machines are capable of handling will either be measured in cubic feet or in kilograms. So for a family of four for example a machine that is capable of taking loads up to 8 kg or more should be considered purchasing.

Consideration 2 – Spin Speed

When you purchase any kinds of washing machines even the best top loading washing machines the speed at which they work varies. Some machines are only capable of spinning to 800 rpm whilst others are able to spin at up to 1600 rpm. Certainly if you would like more water to be removed from items when the washing and rinsing processes have been completed then those that spin at a higher speed should purchased. However it is actually far better if you purchase a machine where you can vary the spin speed.

Consideration 3 – Noise Level

This is something that must be taken into consideration very seriously as it depends on where you intend to place your machine. If the machine is in a utility room or garage then noise levels may not be an issue. However if the machine is going to be kept in the kitchen then of course you don’t want one that creates too much noise especially if you intend to do washing after you go to bed. However to help prevent them creating too much noise make sure that they are installed correctly and that the surface on which the machine stands is flat.

Consideration 4 – Washing Time

When it comes to buying any washing machines the time it takes for them to complete a washing cycle can vary dramatically from one model to another. Even when it comes to the best top loading washing machines the time they take to wash items can vary from 30 to 90 minutes. Ideally you should be looking for a machine that has a number of different cleaning programs you can use then it will allow you to determine the wash time depending on how dirt the items are that need washing. Also just because your machine comes with a quick wash cycle don’t use this repeatedly as you may find it doesn’t offer you the best cleaning results possible. So you may find yourself having to put the items back in the wash again.

Consideration 5 – Energy Consumption

If you do a lot of washing then the amount of power that each load uses will be important as power never seems to be getting cheaper. Most new washing machines will have energy star labels on them so you can see how much energy they use. This may not seem like an important thing but as those bills keep on coming in you may wish you had bought a more efficient washing machine.

When you start to compare best top loading washing machines in India you should make notes on all these points, they will all help you decide on which is the best top loading washing machine for your family. It is impossible for me to recommend one top loading washer over another as each family will have different needs.

Take the time to think about what you need before you consider which is the best top loading washing machine for you.