7 Things to Ask Before Shopping Online in India

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7 Things to ask before shopping online in India

Shopping online can be as risky as much as it is convenient for people shopping different products from various e-commerce websites.

There are plenty of online shopping websites mushrooming with the ease of technology and possible business opportunities online. There are several checks and balances that are to be considered before you finalize your preferred shopping website online.

You can apply this criterion even for a single purchase. Apart from a very few websites that allow cash payment on delivery, most of the websites expect you to pay online either by credit card or through net banking access. Any of these websites can compromise your account related information, leading to great loss and distress. We have compiled seven things you need to ask before you shop online in India.

  1. Is the site’s privacy levels certified? The minimum expectation from any e – commerce website is to know if it is duly certified by credible agencies. There are well renowned certifying agencies like Verisign and Norton that certify the credibility of websites that are promoting and selling products online. You need to be sure of the certification before you even bargain.
  2. Am I giving my credit card details in a secured payment gateway? All payments from the credit cards are processed through payment gateways. Some are genuine and secured and some are no so genuine and secured. You can check the SSL status on the address bar which confirms if the payment gateway engaged by the website is secured or not.
  3. What customer who already brought these products have to say? Know the product you wish to buy through the voice of the customer. It is advised to check out the customer reviews before you finalize any product purchase, the same can be applicable for the website. There are customer forums that provide feedback for the products as well as the websites. You can be assured of the product’s quality if you listen to the customers who already purchased and used that product.
  4. Is it the cheapest price that I can get this for? Not every price is the lowest in the format it is sold by any website. There can be other websites selling the same product for lesser prices due to many reasons as applicable. You need to be convinced that you bought a product at the cheapest price online.
  5. What are my payment options? You can check out the payment options provided by the website. There are standard websites that will provide multiple options including PayPal, credit card (check out these best credit cards), debit card, net banking, cash on delivery and EMI. You may want to go for a website that gives you more options than those with limited options like only credit card or net banking.
  6. Does the product ship to my location? You need to be sure that the product you select will be definitely shipped to your location. Some websites say they ship it to India, but may not be to your location. You can ask the websites to provide you with the pin codes and match it with your location pin code. Checking for shipping confirmation would save a lot of time as you need not stay on a website that doesn’t suit you by every means.
  7. What if I don’t like the products? You should always check out the returns policy of the respective websites you are shopping at. Every website can have their own set of policies as per their convenience and customer centric priorities; you need to be aware of what they have to offer.

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